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Mexican market bags made of nylon mesh, also known as "Bolsas de Mercado" or "Bolsas de Mandado," are a popular type of reusable shopping bag in Mexico and other Latin American countries.


These bags are made from lightweight, durable nylon mesh that allows air to circulate, making them perfect for carrying groceries, produce, or other goods.


These bags feature handles made from the same nylon material as the body of the bag, which makes them easy to carry and transport. One of the benefits of using Mexican market bags is that they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Because they are reusable, they help reduce waste and are a great alternative to single-use plastic bags.


Additionally, they are easy to clean and can be washed by hand with a sponge or a wet cloth.  


Homemade by our artisan Mario Trujillo from Tianguistenco, Estado de Mexico. 


Small size.


25cm. width

24cm. height 

10cm. length



Please consider that each piece is artisanal made and can have minor differences or imperfections that does not affect the performance. 

Market bag - Small 25cm.

Sales Tax Included
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