My name is  Marcela, I born in Monterrey and reborn in the Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen) where I lived for 12 years and worked as underground dj and also as destination wedding planner!

Two completely different professions that fulfill my heart (and that I keep doing) and allowed me since 2009 to constantly travel to my favorite summer destination: BERLIN!  

With the years I don´t only felt in love with the city but also with a wonderful german man and this is how Soona Otomi started with a love story....

When I got married and moved to Berlin in the name of love (2015), leaving my sunny caribbean behind, I felt the necessity of vibrant colours in my daily life and thought of the opportunity to promote and show the beautiful embroideries made by the Otomi people from Hidalgo which is an Indigenous ethnic group inhabiting central Mexico.


The more I dig the more beautiful things I discovered from the vast ethnic groups all over Mexico and Latin America.

This is how Soona Otomi expanded one year later to include clothes and accessories from different regions with products from very special places as Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Guatemala and Peru. 

I feel so proud to be from a country so culturally rich, but unfortunately unfair for many of my brothers and sisters, that is why my commitment is to give back to their communities by paying fair prices and promoting the value of their job, their hands and their life itself.

I work direct with the main artisans, small textile cooperatives mainly conformed by women, as well as independent artisans that contributes in a very important way to their families economy. 


 The love for colourful threads, the love for Mexico and the love and big respect for the artisans that put all their heart into their creations inspire my travels to Mexico.

After successful Pop Up stores, Soona Otomi have a permanent shop in one of the most beautiful streets of the Prenzlauer Berg district. 

Thank you for joining us in this cultural trip where ethnic and handmade meets contemporary boho-chic design.