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 I am a Mexican based in Berlin, who believed that by marrying a foreigner I would learn about another culture, little I knew that it would be otherwise and that this project is teaching me so much about my own culture.  


Makes me so proud to be Mexican, to have such a history, cultural heritage and traditions. With this textile project I share with all of you a piece of Mexico and a piece of the heart of each artisan I work with. 

I feel so honor to present you a hand picked collection of handmade textiles and accessories made by artisans from

Mexico and Latin America. 

Working hand in hand with artisans cooperatives that dedicates their whole time to create these beautiful pieces, some of them take a week to be done others up to eight months until they are finished, in every stitch there´s a story.

I admire and respect their dedicated work and hours invested and firmly believe that by paying fair prices we all contribute to empower their economy.

Last but not least, this is my solo project or how other people says: One woman circus.

This means I do all! From ironing the pieces, to taking the pictures and creating this web site. No I´m not an expert, I studied art way before this digital era arrived but I do this with passion and love and when you have these ingredients all the imperfections can look perfectly well. 

Welcome to my world!


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Sehr geehrte Freunde und Kunden, 

um meinen Geburtstag und das Ende dieser Sommersaison zu feiern, wird unser Laden eine kleine Pause von

Samstag, 19. September bis Montag, 28. September. 

Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre Unterstützung und Ihr Verständnis. 

Als Geschenk für Ihre Geduld bieten wir Ihnen 10% Rabatt

in allen Online-Bestellungen, die wir in diesem Zeitraum erhalten.

Sie werden alle am Dienstag, dem 29. September, versandt. 

Code: Sommerende


Dear friends and clients, 

to celebrate my birthday and the end of this summer season,

our store will make a little pause from

Saturday 19th September until Monday 28th September. 

Thank you for your support and understanding. 

As a present for your patience we will offer you 10% off

in all the online orders we receive in this period.

All of them will be shipping on Tuesday 29th September. 

Code: Sommerende

Our opening hours are:


12:00 - 19:00hr.


12:00 - 18:00hr.


10407 BERLIN, DE 


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Where I share stories and pictures related to wonderful Mexico:

Traditions, textiles, artisans, geography, arquitechture, food and some personal stories from my amazing and colorful country. 

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