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Palo Santo or also called Bursera Graveolens is used by the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon jungle for their ceremonies and rituals, and in general as a natural incense for meditation, purification and spiritual remedy for harmonization. 


Its exquisite fragrance and properties create a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Unlike natural incense, which burns only once, palo santo wood can be lit many times (each stick can be lit more than 30 times because if left burning it goes out by itself), if you want it to keep burning you will have to keep it moving to purify the environment and prevent it from going out.


Sticks cut from palo de santo, these have been cut by hand without the use of any industrial machinery. Dried in a natural way in a process that takes 4 years.


Instructions for use of burning palo santo:
Put the stick on the fire until it burns, let the palo santo burn with black smoke for a few seconds and then blow until it only gives smoke. The aroma will fill the atmosphere nearby. It will stop burning in a short time, if you want to keep it smoking it is recommended to have the palo santo in motion.


Properties and uses of Palo Santo:

Energetic cleansing. Purifies the environment and cleanses negative energies.


Increases your positive vibration.


It is used to meditate and bring tranquility preparing for a deeper meditation.


Palo Santo for love: Unites the couple and harmonizes the relationship.

Clarifies conflicting emotions.


Promotes creativity.


Detoxifies negative energies after illness.


Invites and attracts healing energies.


Stimulates the immune system.


Mosquito repellent.


Bundle of 50gr. with aproximately 5- 6 wood sticks. 


Palo Santo wood sticks

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