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Ojos de Dios, “god’s eyes,” are ritual objects made by the Huichol (wet-chol) indigenous people of Mexico.


The Huichol symbolism of the god’s eyes is primarily associated with the prayers for their children – prayers for a good long life, protection and to insure abundant crops. God’s eyes are woven on sticks that are crisscrossed. The ends of the sticks represent the basic elements – earth, water, wind, and fire, and the four cardinal directions – north, south, east and west. The center of the eye symbolizes the power of seeing and understanding things we normally cannot see.


Made by artisans from San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. 


Material: Yarn and wood sticks.

Measurements: 48cm. x 63cm. 





God's eye Mandala

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