Hand embroidered completely by artisans from San Juan Chamula, Chiapas. 

This very unique style represents with its embroidery the cultivation and the harvest of the corn which is one of the main activities and ingredient representative from Chiapas. 


The word milpa is derived from the Nahuatl word phrase mil-pa, which translates into "maize field. ased on the ancient agricultural methods of Maya peoples and other Mesoamerican people, milpa agriculture produces maize, beans, and squash.


Made with 100% medium weight cotton with cotton yarn embroidery.


Size: Unisize

Could be taken in to fit a smaller size for a relax look. 



Width: 56 cm. across  / 112 cm. around

Length: 66 cm.

Sleeve opening: 22 cm. 

Neck opening: 17 cm. across

( Mannequin European size 36/38 - Medium )



Please consider that all our products are hand crafted by artisans communities, minimal flaws or differences are part of this unique piece.

Milpa Tunic Rebeca - 3/4 sleeve

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