Beaded mandala medallion necklace made by Huichol / Wixárika artisans. 


Wixárika art carries a millenary symbolism that refers to its mythology, spiritual beliefs and much has also to do with the visions that result from its experience with peyote, which are part of its rituals. Each vision is unique and therefore each piece is also unique.


Flowers play a part in all Huichol ceremonies, and all flowers are considered sacred in healing rituals; the patient’s head is anointed with flowers. Shamans use them to prepare for the deer hunt and during harvest ceremonies to adorn the new corn. 



Total length: 56 cm. 

Medallion diameter:  11 cm.  


Please consider that all our products are hand crafted by artisans communities, minimal flaws or differences are part of these unique pieces.

Mandala - Huichol necklace large size