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This huipil blouse has so many detail that takes up to 4 months to be done, for this reason makes them hard and very expensive to find as brand new.


Most of the indigenous women from Chenalhó in the highlands of Chiapas sell the ones they wore for a long time.


This technique of embroidery, elaborated by hand by artisans from the municipality of Chenalhó (Mexico), is done on striped canvas woven in a waist loom using a taffeta technique on a mix of acrylic fibers.


The high embroidery is made in the huipiles and in the layers traditionally worn in the municipality, making a kind of "puffy" embroidery where the threads are slightly raised on the surface of the fabric. It is embroidered with thick yarn (thread), and to take out the different iconographic figures.


The huipil of the municipality of Chenalhó it is characterized by being striped in purple tones, bougainvillea and roses. The cut is in a square shape with an equally square neck.


The main iconographic motifs come from the nature and environment of the artisans. In the center of the huipil, at the height of the chest, is located the so-called "embroidery father or the greatest", while around it will be embroidered other motifs at the pleasure of the wearer. The most common are flowers, spiders, butterflies and the so-called dog footprint.


This is a bit like a top crop.

One size fits all

(Mannequin size 36/38 - Medium)



Chest width: 70 cm. across  / 140 cm. around

Lenght: 53 cm. 



Condition: Good



Please consider that all our products are hand crafted by artisans communities. Minimal flaws, slight drawing/stroke lines or differences are part of this enchanted unique piece. 



Chenalhó vintage huipil

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