This new arrival is one of a kind dress!!


The embroidery technique, handmade by craftswomen from the municipality of Chenalhó, Chiapas is made on striped canvas woven on a waist loom in taffeta technique.


The raised embroidery is done on the huipiles and on the capes traditionally worn in the municipality, making a kind of basting embroidery, where the threads are slightly raised on the surface of the fabric. It is embroidered with thick yarn creating various iconographic figures. The raised embroidery on this dress is located around the neck and at bottom level, as well as on the frame of the sleeves. It is embroidered with thick worsted, with details in different colours threads.


Size: Medium 

Wide in upper area / Bust: 50cm. across / 100cm. round

Hips: 60cm. across / 120cm. round

Length: 91cm. 



 Please consider that all our products are hand crafted by artisans communities, minimal flaws or differences are part of this enchanted unique piece.

Chenalhó dress mustard