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These traditional hand sculpted Jaguar masks come direct from Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas. 


Made with clay according to the pre-Hispanic method, some stones are placed on an open fire at ground level and the pieces are surrounded by wood that is lit with ocote and little by little more wood is added until the piece is covered with wood and they remain burning for half a day.


In Mexican mythology the jaguar is a strong, intelligent and powerful god; it embodies beauty and ferocity, the two opposite poles.


Balam is the name of the jaguar in the Mayan culture and was a symbol of power and protection. The Sun God was transformed into a jaguar, the mottled skin of this beautiful cat represents the stars.


For the Mayas, the jaguar sun dominated night and day. At dusk and throughout the night it fought against Xilbalba, the underworld, defeating it and rising again the next day.


Material: Clay

Approximate measurement: 14 x 10 x 9 cm.


* Please consider that all our products are hand crafted by artisans communities, minimal flaws or differences are part of this enchanted unique piece.

Balam - Clay mask

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